Ex-Trump official nukes the president and the GOP for being so 'desperate' they're blaming Biden for COVID-19
DHS's Miles Taylor and Donald Trump (Photo: Miles Taylor)

President Donald Trump's former Homeland Security official, Miles Taylor, explained that in his department, there were action plans ready to go for the coronavirus pandemic, but the president simply didn't care.

"I would say this: People like to say that this administration is a roller coaster, but I think that's very charitable," Taylor explained. "People get off of a roller coaster, and they are alive. This is a runaway freight train, and the president is the conductor. That's what's happening right now. We have dead Americans because the president is so impulsive and incapable of leading. Again, the dam is starting to break here. People are realizing this isn't just hyperbolic criticism of the president. People who served close to the president are saying this. What Bob [Woodward] got right in that book is he tracked down the key sources from the Jim Mattis to the Tony Faucis, who have seen this man behind the scenes, and he's unable to lead in a crisis."

Taylor went on to say that the true measure of a leader's character is how he behaves during a crisis. Americans have seen "the president behave in such a way that Americans are dying."

Talking about the Henderson, Nevada rally on Sunday, Taylor said people were rushing toward the rally because Trump is incapable of being a responsible leader.

"This is what we saw behind the scenes," Taylor explained. "This impulsivity that the president has, in some cases, had low consequences. Now we're seeing it have the greatest consequences you could possibly imagine. The deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans."

He said that Trump is the one responsible for presiding over the government, and when he ignored the plans outlined to save Americans in a crisis, he led the country into the disaster.

"Then we have the head of the RNC, Ronna Romney McDaniel, who is blaming Joe Biden for the results. Who is blaming Joe Biden for nationwide violence and unrest and for Americans being dead because of the coronavirus pandemic," said Taylor. "It shows you how desperate the president and his team are becoming in these last few weeks of the campaign and also shows you how damaging they think the last week has been to him reputationally. I will also tell you since the revelations have come out from Bob Woodward, we're hearing from more people behind the scenes from the White House that are thinking about speaking out against the president. So, as I said before, I think the dam is breaking."

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