'Loony' Bill Barr is the 'second most dangerous man in America': WaPo columnist Eugene Robinson
President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr. U.S. Marshals' photo by Shane T. McCoy.

Discussing comments made by Bill Barr this past week on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Friday morning, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson called the attorney general "loony" after calling the AG the "second most dangerous man in America."

With host Joe Scarborough pointing out that Donald Trump attacked his own FBI director again this week, Robinson was asked to explain what is going on with the Justice Department.

"Historically, obviously, as you know, and as everyone knows, the FBI director is given an amount of autonomy and authority to do what he needs to do in the service of American justice and is thought to be immune from the sort of political interference," he began. "At least that's the theory, that was what we tried to do from the end of J. Edgar Hoover's tenure to now and it started at the beginning of Donald Trump's term when he got rid of Jim Comey because he wouldn't do his political bidding. So this is nothing new for Donald Trump."

"What is new, I think, is that we can say Bill Barr is now the second most dangerous man in America," he continued. "The most dangerous man to our Constitution, our constitutional norms, to what we think of as the American way of life. He believes, I think he sincerely believes, I think he is this loony, but he believes in an absolutely imperial presidency and he believes that yes, the president and the attorney general, his attorney general, should be able decide that the FBI investigates these people over here but not those people over there because we say so and that's astonishing."

"As [co-panelist] Claire McCaskill says, if you wrote it in a movie script, you wouldn't believe it because it's so implausible," he added. "But it's true. It's happening before our eyes."

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