Mike Pence busted for ‘flat-out lie’ defending Trump from Woodward tapes: ‘You are complicit’
Vice President Mike Pence (Fox News)

Vice President Mike Pence spent Thursday morning cleaning up President Donald Trump's stated admission to reporter Bob Woodward that he had intentionally downplayed the coronavirus pandemic.

The vice president appeared on Fox News, where he insisted the president had projected leadership and confidence, and then posted on Twitter that Trump had shut down the U.S. economy to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

"It is important to remember that President @realDonaldTrump shut down the entire American economy to put the health of America first," Pence tweeted.

"Along the way, what the American people saw was a President who was projecting the kind of leadership and the kind of confidence in the American people and all of our healthcare experts, doctors and nurses that you would expect from a President in a challenging time like this," the vice president added, posting a link to his Fox News appearance.

None of those statements, according to other social media users, were true.