Mike Pompeo hosts Republican Party chair at his government-funded State Department dinners on foreign diplomacy
Mike Pompeo Freedomworks New Fair Deal Rally in Upper Senate Park outside the US Capitol, Washington DC on April 15 2013. (Mark Taylor/Flickr)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was caught hosting several dinners he coined "Madison Dinners," on the taxpayer dime. Critics have said that the dinners don't have anything to do with his job as the secretary, but are about his future political career, NBC News reported.

Despite the controversy, Pompeo not only held another dinner, he invited the Republican Party Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel to the event he claimed was about international diplomacy. While it's unclear what the RNC is doing to help international diplomacy,

State Department employees took issue with the dinners because they were working on them as government staff when guests like Fox News personalities and GOP megadonors were on the guest list.

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