Military officials are discussing 'disobeying unlawful' orders over fears of what Trump might do: ex-Marine lawmaker
President Donald J. Trump alongside First Lady Melania Trump and members of the U.S. military in this file image posted to a government website to commemorate Veterans Day. (Photo:

Speaking remotely with MSNBC's Alex Witt, Rep. Seth Mouton (D) -- who served in Iraq as a Marine -- criticized Donald Trump for his comments calling U.S. servicepeople "losers and suckers" and said dissatisfaction with the president is pervasive within the armed forces.

Asked by the host how past and present U.S. military members view the president, the moderate Massachusetts lawmaker was blunt.

"What have you heard from troops? " host Witt asked. "Those that are your constituent, veterans that have come home or those who you're in contact?"

"Well, I'm not going to speak for every veteran, but I can't tell you how many have reached out to me and said that they have discussions now in the military about what it means to disobey unlawful orders, because they fully expect them from the commander in chief," Mouton replied. "There are a lot of people, even inside the White House, who believe that he's going to try to get the military to keep him in power after he loses this election to Joe Biden."

"There are troops who are just embarrassed by having this draft-dodging coward serving as their commander in chief and I've never heard that before," he continued. "You know, I was in a war that I disagreed with. I did four tours in Iraq even though I disagreed. I voted against George W. Bush twice, but I never thought that George W. Bush would betray the troops, denigrate my service, would think that I was a sucker, in Trump's words, for signing up."

"There's no one on active duty who wants to hear that from a commander in chief and that's why you see the support from the military going down further and further," he added.

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