More former senior Trump officials expected to come out against the president as election enters the final stretch: report

According to a report NBC Los Angeles, it is 'now or never" time for more former senior White House officials to go public opposing Donald Trump's re-election with claims that he is unfit for office based on what they saw while serving in his administration.

For the president, who is trailing in the polls, more revelations about possible corruption could be devastating to his hopes of remaining in office.

According to former Department of Homeland Security official Susan Neumann who resigned in April, "Enough is enough. People need to understand how dangerous a moment we are in."

Another Homeland Security official who also walked away, Miles Taylor, claimed  it's "Now or never" as his group REPAIR — The Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform -- recruits critics to come forward and speak out against the president.

“Those who witnessed the president’s unfitness for office up close have a moral obligation to share their assessment with the electorate," he explained.

Among possible officials who are reportedly considering making public statements is former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former director of national intelligence Dan Coats -- who already made critical comments about the president that appeared in Bob Woodward's book.

Also on the fence is former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, the report claims.

“I think that he loves his country and he wants to do what’s best for the country,” said Neumann, who served as Kelly’s deputy chief of staff when he headed the DHS.

"Officials like Kelly, with long careers and hefty pensions, would seem to have less to lose by doing so than more junior staffers like Olivia Troye, a former counterterrorism adviser to Vice President Mike Pence who last week joined the campaign against Trump and said she'd be voting for Biden," the report notes.

According to Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson, time is running out.

“There will be a cottage industry when Trump is out of office of people who say, ‘Oh, I fought from the inside, I fought the good fight, I kept so many bad things from happening.’" he explained. "It doesn’t matter. There’s only one moment in time where it matters. And that’s now."

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