MSNBC's Morning Joe busts Republicans for blaming Hillary Clinton for Trump's threats to election results

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough blasted Republicans for changing the subject from President Donald Trump's attacks on the election to Hillary Clinton.

The president has repeatedly suggested he won't accept an election loss to Joe Biden, and the "Morning Joe" host thumped Republicans for suggesting Clinton -- the 2016 nominee who is not currently running for office -- had done the same thing.

"She never said never concede," Scarborough said. "She said, don't concede on Election Night, don't concede until we count all the votes, is that correct?"

MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt agreed, saying that Clinton had urged Biden to hold out until all the legal challenges were settled and all the ballots were counted, and Scarborough said those comments were not comparable to Trump's threats -- and were also irrelevant.

"The question does not go to Hillary Clinton any more than it goes to Mookie Betts," Scarborough said, referring to the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder. "Because neither Hillary Clinton nor Mookie Betts are president of the United States. The question, which our constitutional republic rests on, is whether the sitting president of the United States, like George Washington and the other 43 presidents that followed him before Donald Trump, whether Donald Trump will peacefully allow there to be a peaceful transition of power, and what he said yesterday was that he wasn't going to answer that question."

"He said it'll be peaceful if we get rid of the ballots," Scarborough added. "All he said was, it'll be peaceful if I win by rigging the vote. So that's what this president said that no other president has said, and that's why it's so dangerous."