MSNBC's Morning Joe explains why voters don't trust Trump to fix anything
President Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough explained why voters don't trust President Donald Trump to fix an economy ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Biden has tried to pin blame for the economic wreckage and resulting social unrest on the president's handling of the pandemic, and the "Morning Joe" host said Trump had a steep challenge in convincing voters he can fix things.

"What we learned also over the course of the last six months is how terrible Donald Trump is at managing things," Scarborough said. "He's managed the pandemic in just an absolutely disastrous way -- 190,000 Americans dead, almost 200,000. We're coming up on the 200,000 number we heard in the spring which Donald Trump, of course, dismissed and brushed away, again, saying it was one person coming in from China, it would be gone. It was 15 people coming in, but soon it was going to be gone. He hasn't been able to manage that, done it miserably."

The Trump campaign has squandered its cash advantage over Biden, and Scarborough said that was one more example of the president's failures.

"Donald Trump hasn't been able to manage his own money, his campaign, his billion-dollar enterprise," Scarborough said. "They've completely blown their advantage. We'll talk about this in a little bit, but they've had to go off the air because he's wasted so much money, blown so much of his contributors' money. So we'll talk about that later, but this is a man who just doesn't know how to manage things. It's why he went bankrupt, why his companies went bankrupt after his daddy gave him $400 million."