Racist goes berserk when Muslim asks him to keep aggressive dog on a leash
William Butler (WPVI)

A Pennsylvania man attacked his Muslim neighbor in a dispute over his aggressive dog.

Farrukh Abbas said he was walking through his apartment complex Sept. 7 in Upper Merion Township when a neighbor's dog ran up to him barking and growling, and he asked the owner to put the animal on a leash after it tried to attack him twice, reported WPVI-TV.

That's when the man, identified later as William Butler, started swearing at Abbas and telling him to go back to his country.

"Abusing, slurring, then he started using the racist remarks," Abbas said.

Then Butler punched him twice in the chest.

“You want to get knocked out?" Butler asks on video recorded by Abbas. "Come here, you want to get knocked out, huh?”

Abbas was not injured in the attack, but he said the incident was troubling.

"This is our home, and how would it feel if someone asked you to get out of your home?" Abbas said.

Butler was charged with ethnic intimidation, harassment and disorderly conduct.