‘Really scary’: Former UK ambassador fears America will soon descend into political violence
Police hold back a man who was with the victim of a fatal shooting in Portland (AFP)

The former UK ambassador to Washington is genuinely worried the U.S. will slide into political violence after the election.

Kim Darroch, who resigned from his post last year, warned that President Donald Trump was priming his supporters to use violence to keep him in power if the results of the election were close, reported The Guardian.

“Whoever wins, you just hope that people will accept the result and take it calmly, though I couldn’t say I’m certain that will be the case,” Darroch said.

Darroch abruptly resigned in July 2019 after his secret diplomatic cables criticizing the Trump administration were leaked to a Brexit Party employee, and he still lacks confidence that the president understands his constitutional responsibilities.

“If [Joe] Biden wins, there is a question whether the Trump base will really support or accept that as the outcome," Darroch said. "Equally, if it looks like postal votes have been under counted or there is serious voter suppression you worry about the other side of the argument. It feels very volatile.”

Darroch said he's seen ample evidence that violence could break out in response to the election.

"All of us have watched Portland and Kenosha, and it feels like a genuine risk," he said. "That 17-year-old who shot the demonstrators and the reaction in alt-right circles is really scary."