Rick Wilson torches Trump for confessing to COVID-19 manslaughter: 'That's some killer clown show'
Rick Wilson -- MSNBC screenshot

President Donald Trump endured his worst day yet in the White House, but that doesn't mean things can't get worse.

The president got busted lying about the coronavirus pandemic after talking for more than nine hours with veteran journalist Bob Woodward, and former Republican strategist Rick Wilson says Trump deserves whatever's coming next.

"This week’s wounds are from Trump’s own quivering, liverish lips and the sh*t sandwich he stuffed between them on Wednesday," Wilson wrote. "It’s not every day that your hubris and dumbf*ckery leads you to do 18 on-the-record taped interviews with Bob Woodward confessing to, oh, 200,000 f*cking cases of manslaughter because you lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied again to the American people about the impact of COVID. It’s not some vague J’Accuse from the resistance now; Trump admitted early on that he knew just how deadly and how dangerous the virus would be, and lied anyway. That’s some killer clown show."

Trump confessed to downplaying the risks from the pandemic, which he falsely compared to the flu, and Woodward got it all on tape.

"That admission was such a blockbuster that it obscured the news, also from Woodward’s book, that Trump thinks his generals are 'a bunch of pussies' — capping a week where he alienated a meaningful fraction of his political base by shitting on America’s war dead and our currently serving troops by wondering aloud just what is in it for them since there’s no real money in service," Wilson wrote.

The COVID-19 admission also obscured that Trump blabbed about a top-secret nuclear program, and he said the president's apologists are having a hard time defending these on-the-record blunders.

"The tapes are unspinnably and unequivocally pure Trump," Wilson wrote. "This isn’t some reporter’s interpretation of Trump. This isn’t some editor cherry-picking facts to make Trump look like more of a stooge that he does on his own. This isn’t some headline writer sniping at a president he doesn’t like."

"No, this was Donald Trump in an act of stupidity perhaps unparalleled in Washington media history," he added. "He tried to play Bob F*cking Woodward. Nothing about these interviews can be unspun or unrung. No matter how gamely his enablers and the comms shop grunt out excuses, his words are there, on tape. This wasn’t a president trying to calmly lead the nation through crisis; this was Trump simply not giving a f*ck."