Rick Wilson: Trump's 2016 debate tactics will blow up in his face if he tries them on Biden
Rick Wilson -- MSNBC screenshot

On CNN Saturday, former GOP campaign strategist Rick Wilson analyzed President Donald Trump's underhanded debating tactics — and why they are unlikely to work against Joe Biden.

"Donald Trump is a showman in politics. He loves the audience," said Wilson. "There are always a lot of asides and nods and winks and little physicalities towards the folks that are watching him. And the bigger the better when it comes to an audience. A virtual debate would deprive Donald Trump of the spectacle he's going to try to put together in sort of the same sort of things he did with Hillary Clinton — lurking over her and getting in her personal space, etcetera."

"I think the fact that Donald Trump is prepping, maybe a little bit of spin by the campaign," added Wilson. "He has a high regard for his skill in debates and he has a track record of being able to use the transgressive and explosive trickery he's deployed in the past, as you see these guys like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who got left as puddles on the ground."

However, Wilson added, "they didn't understand something Biden does. Biden understands when a bully punches you, you punch back. When he punches you again, you punch back again, and you keep going at him. And ... he brings genuine emotion to it. Where it's not something like "I feel strongly," it is deeply held. The press conference he did yesterday was so visceral, and so right in the center of his emotional core, that I think if he brings a performance like that to the debates, he's going to have a very good night, no matter whether it's a live or a virtual debate."

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