Seth Meyers mocks Trump for being so full of BS he mixed up his fake stories: 'Like karaoke night at the concussion ward'
Late Night host Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump had an awkward moment at his Pennsylvania rally Tuesday when he mixed up the story he was telling. It was a moment that "Late Night" host Seth Meyers couldn't help but crack up over.

He started his show by reporting recent studies showing Trump's rallies are now on the list of "high-risk" COVID activities because so many super-spreader events can be tied back to him. Other high-risk activities include "doorknob licking, hugging everyone in the subway, and eating shrimp at the strip club buffet."

Meyers said he's not sure what rally attendees even get out of the events anymore because no one can follow what Trump is talking about.

"Sometimes he just stands there sweating profusely and complaining about things he recently watched on TV," said Meyers. "His rallies are like karaoke night at the concussion ward. You could safely get the same experience FaceTiming with your uncle who lives in Boca and eats dinner every night at 4:30 at Red Lobster."

Speaking in his Trump voice, the floppy COVID-haired Meyers explained, "You have to get there early, so they don't run out of the cheddar-bay biscuits. We love the cheddar bay, don't we, folks?"

Meyers segmented Trump's rally anecdotes into two categories: 1. Stories about going home to his wife, Melania, and 2. Stories about generals and other people who come up to him and call him "sir."

"Obviously, all of these stories are made up, but Trump seems to have trouble keeping track of his bullsh*t, because, yesterday at his rally in Pennsylvania, he mixed them up."

Trump mentioned to the audience that he went home to Melania, who then proceeded to call him "sir" and tell him she didn't even watch his rally.

"Your wife calls you, sir? Are you married to Marcy?" Meyers asked, showing a photo of the Peanuts character. "And if so, Marcy, what are you doing? Stop pretending to be something we all know you're not. And while I can forgive Trump for telling a fake Melania story and slipping into a 'sir' story, I do wish it was the other way around."

Meyers speculated that Melania probably doesn't call anything. Maybe occasionally she says, "You again?" But "sir" is probably not what she says if she speaks to him at all.

"But Biden's the one in cognitive decline?" the host asked.

He noted that most people at a Trump rally would probably be fine with their wives calling them "sir," but wouldn't find it as appealing if a general called them "darling." If Meyers' stand-up story about the birth of their second child is any indication, it's likely the late-night comedian calling his wife "sir."

See Meyers' segment in the video below: