'Sick of him': Trump is bleeding desperately needed support in Republican Florida stronghold

According to a report from Politico, Donald Trump is losing the support of senior voters in Florida that could spell doom in his drive to be re-elected with the defections occurring in what has previously been viewed as a Republican stronghold.

At issue, for the president who can not afford to lose Florida's 29 electoral votes, are voters in The Villages expressing displeasure with the president and admitting he has lost their trust.

According to the report those voters are now in play and are taking a hard look at Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden.

"The pandemic and anxiety about possible cuts to entitlement programs have eroded the GOP’s once-solid advantage with the battleground state’s retirees, recent polls show, a demographic Republicans have won by double digits in recent presidential races," the report states with one senior condensing his problem with Trump as "He just lies."

According to Joy Solomon, 65, of Boca Raton who voted for Trump in 2016: "I really got sick of him when he did not wear a mask, and he took the control totally away from the governors. It was a very bad situation. I want this place to come back to some sense of normalcy.”

While polls show Trump with a lead over Biden among seniors, the difference between the two has shrunk to within the margin of error which should be concerning to his campaign which desperately needs Florida.

According to Chris Stanley, head of The Villages Democratic Club, Democrats have made massive inroads with voters inside the retirement community -- with an assist from Trump.

“For the longest time, Democrats would only whisper around this place. I’ve put a great deal of effort into trying to make us a bit louder,” Stanley explained. “What really helped me, and it’s kind of ironic, was Trump. It’s really been over the past four years where Democrats have become more visible.”

According to the report, "The Villages, home to some 130,000 retirees, for years has been a reliable feeder of Republican votes as conservative-leaning, white voters from the upper Midwest move to the community. The region remains overwhelmingly Republican, but during the 2020 cycle Democrats have shown signs of life, putting together large parades of golf carts — the favored means of transportation — in support of Biden and building their ranks within The Villages Democratic clubs."

Ed McGinty, who moved to The Village in 2015, explained that he has opposed Trump for some time, saying: "I’m the most hated man in The Villages, and I say that with all sincerity. But that’s OK.”

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