Tenants sue to block paying rent until 'dangerous living conditions' at Kushner-owned apartments are fixed: report
Jared Kushner --SAUL LOEB/AFP

A lawsuit was filed this Tuesday by a group of tenants accusing Jared Kushner's property management company of illegally collecting rent and "creating dangerous living conditions" by failing to maintain working fire sprinkler systems in four New York City apartment buildings, CNN reports.

The tenants want rent payments suspended until the problems in the "Kushner Villages" complex are resolved.

"I'm more concerned about a fire starting now than I used to be," said Daniel Porvin, who is a plaintiff in the lawsuit. "The sprinkler in the hallway is outside my unit. They're not even capped. They're an open pipe. There's no water in the pipes."

According to the lawsuit, Kushner Companies "have circumvented fire safety and other protections required by the [Department of Buildings] including: failing to install operable sprinklers throughout the Subject Buildings; failing to legalize the height of the existing boiler chimney that services all four buildings; and other fire egress conditions that threaten the lives and safety of the Plaintiffs."

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