The only reason Trump is claiming he’ll ‘write a check’ is so his donors don’t feel conned: legal analyst

Legal analyst Marcy Wheeler explained Tuesday that President Donald Trump's intention to put his own money into his campaign has nothing to do with his problems raising money.

Taking to Twitter, Wheeler explained that Trump is likely facing angry donors who are reading stories about the way the Trump campaign is spending money. According to a recent financial report, Trump has spent over $60 million just in legal fees.

So much money has been spent on digital advertising that Trump's demoted campaign manager was able to buy himself a Ferrari, yacht, beach house, condo and more.

Out of the $800 million that Trump has spent, more than a dozen current and former campaign aides have said the Trump campaign and RNC "developed some profligate habits as they burned through hundreds of millions of dollars."

"Since Bill Stepien replaced Mr. Parscale in July, the campaign has imposed a series of belt-tightening measures that have reshaped initiatives, including hiring practices, travel and the advertising budget,” said a Monday New York Times report.

The notorious Tulsa, Oklahoma rally spent gobs of money to have an event at the largest place in the city and also spent thousands for an overflow event outside where no one attended. Trump similarly struggled to garner the crowd he desired inside the BOK Center. The total rally ost $2.2 million.

The Trump campaign still hasn't paid over $2 million in security bills that it owes police departments and cities all over the United States.

See Wheeler's full statement below: