'Their strategy is bizarre': Top elections forecaster baffled by Trump campaign's spending
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver on Friday expressed bewilderment at President Donald Trump's campaign strategy heading into the home stretch of the 2020 election.

Reacting to a report that the Trump campaign has pulled advertising from key swing states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan, Silver said he was surprised at the way the president's team was seemingly letting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have unanswered control of the airwaves.

"In 2016, the Trump campaign did a much better job of allocating campaign resources to the right states," Silver wrote on Twitter. "Their strategy this year is bizarre, conversely, spending to defend states like GA and IA while Biden outspends them in the tipping-point states."

According to FiveThirtyRight's latest election forecast, the top three major tipping point states -- that is, the states that are likely to put either candidate over the top to get to 270 Electoral College votes -- are Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Georgia and Iowa, meanwhile, are states that are much more favorable to Trump where he should have an easier time of winning than in the states likely to decide the election. Despite this, the Washington Post reports that Trump's campaign has spent $3.8 million in Georgia and $1.4 million in Iowa.