Trump already bragging that he stopped a second wave of COVID-19
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

President Donald Trump has been boasting to advisers that his administration has already stopped a second wave of the deadly coronavirus.

Public health experts are worried about another wave hitting the U.S. this fall, during cold and flu season, but the president seems increasingly convinced that just won't happen, two people familiar with his remarks told The Daily Beast.

“One of the reasons he is so confident about the fall is he seems to totally believe he did everything right the first time, so if it happens again, why not continue and stay the course?” one of those sources said. “He has told me that nobody wants a 'second wave' more than the media or Democrats, who would just want to stick it to him."

Trump privately tells advisers that his new coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas and economic adviser Larry Kudlow have assured him the second wave isn't likely, those sources said, and that another surge in infections shouldn't require major changes.

“The president holds this up as one of his greatest accomplishments,” said a senior administration official who works with the coronavirus task force. “It is something he takes a lot of pride in … even though many of us would say the work is not done yet.”

Conservative economist Stephen Moore, who's been an informal adviser to Trump and his White House, concedes a second wave is possible but agrees with the president that economic considerations should outweigh public health.

“A second lockdown would be just totally unacceptable," Moore said. "I think that’s widely accepted on the White House economics team.”