Trump campaign official buried in mockery for saying Biden is 'hiding' something by not agreeing to ear inspection
Jason Miller appears on Fox News (screen grab)

President Donald Trump's campaign on Tuesday demanded that Democratic rival Joe Biden agree to undergo a thorough ear inspection ahead of the first 2020 presidential debate to ensure that he has not been equipped with any special communications devices.

The Biden campaign has predictably laughed off the Trump campaign's demand -- but that hasn't stopped Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller from pressing the issue.

"What is Biden hiding?" Miller tweeted of the Democratic presidential nominee's refusal to submit to an ear inspection.

Joe Lockhart, a former White House Press Secretary for President Bill Clinton, replied instantly to Miller to point out that he's really not in position to demand transparency.

"You are the last person in the world who should be asking this question in public," Lockhart wrote.

Check out some more reactions to Miller's tweet below.