Trump 'cares more about his tee times than Black Americans': Ex-Trump White House aide Omarosa
Trump speaks to Historically Black Colleges & Universities (screen grab)

In his upcoming book Rage, veteran reporter Bob Woodward asks President Donald Trump about race issues, he answered that racism is a lot less in the United States than in other places. But his former aide Omarosa Onee Manigault Newman, explained that this isn't anything new for her.

After spending years behind the scenes and in front of the cameras with Trump, Omarosa said that he has "shown African-Americans over and over again that he does not care about the community."

"With unemployment numbers, he touts that African-Americans have high levels of unemployment numbers, but we're not seeing that in the community," she explained. "He has not created domestic policy, particularly for African-Americans that make them feel like they want to give him another four years. If you look at what is happening with COVID, for instance, the community impacted the most are minority communities and African-Americans particularly. If he cared about African-Americans the way he continuously says he does, he could implement a plan to address the fact that African-Americans disproportionately have been impacted by this disease. But Donald Trump does not care. He cares more about his tee time than making sure that African-Americans have the policies and that he implements them in a way to benefit and live the American dream."

After playing a clip about Trump addressing "white privilege," Omarosa explained that whenever Trump gets the opportunity to trigger "racial terms," he does it.

"And decisions about having his convention in Jacksonville during Ax Handle Sunday and the decision to go to Oklahoma during one of the most painful weekends for a rally," she continued. "Donald Trump doesn't say anything kind of haphazardly. He knows the pain that he's inflicting. But African-Americans have become keen to his ways. We're no longer buying these little platitudes that he's throwing."

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