Trump exposed his own ‘record of extraordinary failure’ by venturing outside his Fox News bubble: columnist

In his column for the Washington Post this Wednesday, Greg Sargent contends that the ABC News town hall that featured President Trump this Tuesday was a prime example of how unprepared he is for hard questions when he's not protected by the Fox News bubble.

"The questions from voters and moderator George Stephanopoulos were pointed, but they were largely premised on basic facts about Trump’s presidency," Sargent writes. "Over and over, Trump tried to lie away those facts, but (and this is the rare part) he was then pressed with follow-up questions based on more facts."

According to Sargent, it's important to remember that Trump thinks he's entitled to a " 24/7 propaganda network that doesn’t commit such heresies." And some conservative pundits, like Fox's Laura Ingraham apparently agree, calling ABC's town hall an "ambush."

"In a way, the Tuesday night town hall really was an ambush. It was an ambush of facts and follow up questions that blew more big holes in the protective shield his propagandists have tried to construct around a record of extraordinary failure," Sargent writes.

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