Trump hammered by CNN military analyst for 'vile' comments he made about wounded and 'disfigured' veterans
General Mark Hertling appears on CNN/Screenshot

On CNN Saturday, former Gen. Mark Hertling tore into President Donald Trump following the report he blasted servicemembers killed in action as "losers" and "suckers."

"Let me end by asking you about what really stood out to me in this piece," said anchor Bianna Golodryga. "It was all abhorrent, but what really triggered a nerve in me was the way the president was described in talking about wounded veterans. In an exchange where he was trying to plan a military parade in 2018, he reportedly said, nobody wants to see that. Obviously those who are disfigured by serving their country ... what is your message to those 5 million wounded vets in this country who have to read something like that from this president?"

"That's the thing that struck me the most, too," said Hertling. "I have a box behind me that has 253 cards on it with pictures from soldiers I served with who made the ultimate sacrifice. I don't have a box of all the soldiers who were wounded, lost limbs, who were burned, but I do have a memory. It was the toughest day I ever spent. A young soldier, when I was in Europe, was shipped back with 80 percent of his body burned and a triple amputee. His family and the doctors knew he was going to die. I had a discussion with his wife to request that she dedicate his organs, basically giving the organs to others. It was the toughest conversation I ever had, and the hardest memory I can remember."

"Those are the kinds of people that Mr. Trump is insulting, and it's vile and disgusting in my view," said Hertling. "So I feel the same way about it as you do. And God bless all those that are wounded. I received many messages from wounded veterans after speaking on CNN the other night, and they feel the same way."

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