Trump has recruited an army of volunteer lawyers to immediately contest the election results: report

According to a report from Politico, Donald Trump's campaign has recruited an army of hundreds of volunteer lawyers who will supplement a team of hired attorneys to dispute vote totals and observe polling locations in an attempt to stave off an election defeat for the president on November 3rd.

Pointing out the effort to gear up for legal challenges began over a year ago, the report states "Republicans are preparing pre-written legal pleadings that can be hurried to the courthouse the day after the election, as wrangling begins over close results and a crush of mail-in ballots."

Long before Trump's approval numbers began to collapse, mainly in part because of his fumbling of the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed over 200,000 American lives, Trump's campaign began preparing for a possible scenario where the voting might not go the president's way.

Noting that a 20-person team of lawyers is overseeing the election strategy, the report states that lawyers from states where the presidential choice is not in doubt are being deployed to the battleground states where the president is in a fight for his political future. 

"It’s a massive undertaking — one the RNC calls its largest election-year legal effort ever. And it’s one that could determine the winner of the pandemic-beset 2020 election. Both political parties are bracing for the Nov. 3 election to spill over into the days and perhaps weeks after Election Day, given the drawn out process of counting what’s expected to be a historic number of mail-in votes," the report states. "Since Republicans and Democrats vehemently disagree over how — and when — those ballots should be counted, the court system might be the ultimate arbiter."

Politico reports that the coordination between the president's campaign and the Republican National Committee ramped up after the COVID-19 health crisis began and more voters indicated that they would be voting by mail -- which will be the focus of the Trump team's challenges.

"Trump has spent months railing against mail-in voting as the pandemic raged and his poll numbers dropped. Last week, he said the Supreme Court may be required to hear Election Day disputes and declined repeatedly to commit to accept the results if he lost the election," the report states. "Republicans are likely to dispute election results in two main areas — the authenticity of mail-in ballots and the deadlines for mail-in ballots to be received and counted. Election officials worry those actions could penalize voters for human error, and that ballots could get thrown out because of a sometimes slow United States Postal Service."

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