Trump holding COVID 'super spreader' rallies questioned as campaign strategy: 'You can't win if your voters are dead'
Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Video aired by CNN on Saturday showed a large crowd gathered for President Donald Trump's rally in Nevada, with no social distancing and few masks.

While other politicians might have been embarrassed to see their supporters flaunting COVID-19 recommendations, Trump actually tweeted video out showing his supporters without masks.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II blasted Trump for holding the rally.

"Trump is endangering Nevadans and flying in the face of his own White House recommendations by holding rallies this weekend," McCurdy told the Reno Gazette-Journal. "These emergency directives were put in place because under Trump's watch, the outbreak of coronavirus got out of control."

"Over 190,000 Americans are dead, including nearly 1,500 Nevadans. But still, Trump continues to care more about boosting his own ego through super spreader rallies than about the health and safety of Nevadans," he added.

Here's some of what people were saying about Trump's 2020 campaign approach: