Trump in court for another hail Mary lawsuit against prosecutor — but he’ll lose: US Attorney
Donald Trump crosses arms when asked about Robert Mueller investigation (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump is in court Tuesday attempting to hide his financial documents from a grand jury empaneled in New York. It's something that isn't expected to work, however.

Trump's legal team filed another appeal in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, where oral arguments are being heard.

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance and former state and federal prosecutor Elie Honig both described Trump's legal move as a hail Mary.

"I don't usually have much of a crystal ball for how courts will rule, but Trump will lose here," said Vance.

Honig explained that he knows the Second Circuit Court of Appeals well from his time as a prosecutor where he "argued in it many times.

"They’ll uphold the subpoena and reject Trump’s obstructionism. Mark it down," he predicted.