Trump pitched naming Ivanka as his running mate in 2016: former campaign official
Ivanka Trump surrounded by world leaders (MSNBC)

According to a new book coming out from one of Donald Trump's 2016 deputy campaign managers, the president pitched the idea of having his daughter Ivanka as his running mate in 2016 -- a job that later went to Mike Pence.

The Washington Post is reporting that the new book from Rick Gates reveals a president who wanted his daughter by his side in the White House long before he eventually appointed her as a senior White House adviser.

According to the report made the proposal to a collection of his campaign advisers in June of 2016, saying, "I think it should be Ivanka. What about Ivanka as my VP?”

He then reportedly added, "She’s bright, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, and the people would love her!”

According to the Post, the book describes, "Trump was so taken with the concept of his elder daughter as his vice president — and so cool to other options, including his eventual selection, then-Indiana Gov. Mike Pence — that his team polled the idea twice, according to Gates."

"It was Ivanka Trump who finally ended the conversation, Gates writes, going to her father to tell him it wasn’t a good idea," the report continues. "Trump eventually came around and selected Pence, after the governor won him over by delivering a 'vicious and extended monologue' about Bill and Hillary Clinton at a get-to-know-you breakfast later that summer, according to Gates’s account."

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