Trump slammed by CNN conservative for siding with 'Team Kyle Rittenhouse' in effort to rip the country apart
Donald Trump and Kyle Rittenhouse. (AFP/Screenshot)

Appearing on CNN's "New Day" on Tuesday morning, conservative columnist Matt Lewis ripped into Donald Trump's continuing incitement of violence against racial justice protesters saying the president has aligned himself with right-wing extremists who think Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero and a patriot.

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, Lewis -- who left the Republican Party due to Donald Trump -- praised a speech given by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden given on Monday, saying he is the perfect antidote to Trump's racism and refusal to condemn the violence in the streets.

"Look, I think it's so sad and transparent," Lewis told the hosts. "Donald Trump believes that this is the only way he can win the election. This is his Richard Nixon, Willie Horton, whatever it is -- this is his play, it's all he has left."

"I think what's interesting about this, though, is that he's not even hiding it. These are not dog whistles, he's being very transparent," he continued. "Donald Trump doesn't want to be the president for everybody. He doesn't want to bring people together, he actually wants to have, really, two teams, right? There's the Kyle Rittenhouse team that is white and supports the police and then there is the Jacob Blake team, which are the rivals, and there's really no pretense to bring people together, and I think it's, again, stoking division."

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