Trump suffering ‘pretty evident mental decline’ as his allies try to portray Biden as senile
Joe Biden -- ABC screenshot

In a segment that aired on Fox News Tuesday, former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson peddled the conspiracy theory that Democratic nominee Joe Biden is so senile he can only speak one sentence at a time and needs a teleprompter to sound coherent when doing so.

"Something is going on with this man at this point. I mean, they keep him locked away for 90 percent of the time," Jackson said in the segment. "And then when they have a little window where they think he might not be able to put a few sentences together, they break him out, they have him read from a teleprompter. I think it's completely reasonable to ask if he's being medicated...because he has had a few times where he's come out and he's looked a little bit more energetic than he's typically looked over the last few months..."

Trump's former lawyer Rudy Giuliani then chimed in, "The man has dementia. There's no doubt about it...I think the president is quite right to say maybe he's taking Adderall or...some kind of Attention Deficit Disorder thing."

It's a fact-finding battle to the White House and CNN appears to be rolling up its sleeves a la Brianna Keilar and S.E. Cupp.

In a segment that aired Tuesday afternoon, the reporter slammed the Trump campaign for attacking democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities ahead of the first debate.

“None of this is based in fact,” Keilar said. “Ronny Jackson himself has shown himself to have dramatic flair, at best, and very un-doctor-like conduct in some of his commentary, right? Fox News correspondents pointed out to Rudy Giuliani, we’re not doctors, but this is out there in the public… It’s not like on Fox News, for instance, viewers are going to get any pushback on that either.”

To which Cupp added, “It’s really irresponsible, it’s gross, it’s also pretty rich considering, you know, Trump’s, I think, pretty evident mental decline. He has trouble finishing sentences, he has trouble not veering off on tangents, late-night Twitter rants. It’s just a rich line of attack.”

Cupp added, “Biden needs to take those conspiracy theories and these smears seriously and combat them with transparency, openness, and an availability to the media that we, I think, frankly haven’t seen enough.”

Brian Stelter added, “There’s asymmetric lying and there’s asymmetric nastiness. The lies and smears from Trump’s side are so much nastier and disgusting than anything from the Biden campaign. The Biden campaign is out there trying to respond to this nuttiness in real time… They have to be transparent about this and know what they’re up against. They’re up against people who are shamelessly lying in front of millions of viewers.”