Trump’s assault on the election and the Supreme Court is scaring Wall Street
Donald Trump (AFP)

President Donald Trump's push to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court before the election has made Wall Street skittish.

The Republican-led Senate seems poised to take up Trump's nominee before an election whose results the president has already questioned, and analysts say that politically toxic combination has made the Nov. 3 election extremely risky for investors, reported Axios.

"Not getting the election results in a timely manner will be destabilizing," said DRW Trading strategist Lou Brien. "Especially in light of how divided the country appears to be now. I think stock market moves will be violent intraday and the prevailing trend will likely be down, maybe sharply so."

Analysts say the 2020 election is the most expensive event risk on record, according to Bloomberg, with insurance bets on implied volatility at six times their normal level, and a presidential election winner may not be known for days or even weeks.

The Supreme Court fight after Ginsburg's death only heightens the tensions -- and risks to investors.

"Where we could get in a scenario that’s quite challenging is where we don’t actually know the makeup of Congress, primarily the Senate, or even worse the president," said Stephen Dover, head of equities for Franklin Templeton. "It would be very hard to pass stimulus until that’s cleared up."