WATCH: Trump trade adviser melts down on CNN when asked about complaints about his professional conduct
Peter Navarro speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

On CNN Thursday, anchor Alisyn Camerota confronted White House trade adviser Peter Navarro about his reported misconduct allegations — and he lost his temper and accused it of being a fabrication by Amazon and Jeff Bezos to railroad him.

"There's a few investigations that have come to light about your style and your handling of the procurement, so let's go through them," said Camerota. "The House Oversight Committee is looking at your procurement of ventilators, and they say that you were working with Phillips which is a technology company, and that you — they believe, wasted half a billion dollars — $500 million by agreeing to pay Phillips to make ventilators at price five times the amount that the Obama administration paid. So is that true and why?"

"No, it's not true," said Navarro. "All that stuff you're seeing in the fake news — look, Alisyn, let's be honest here. When somebody from the Democratic-controlled House does an investigation of this administration, that is a partisan witch hunt."

"Okay, next is the investigation or probe into your personal style," said Camerota. "So The Washington Post reports—"

"Which investigation are you referring to?" interrupted Navarro.

"I'm referring to the one that Don McGahn looked into your personal style of accusations—" said Camerota.

"Let me explain something here," said Navarro. "The Amazon Post, through four reporters and anonymous sources with 20 different fake allegations, okay? ... one of my charges in this administration is to go in after strongly the — the people who engage in counterfeit trafficking, and one of the biggest enablers of counterfeit trafficking is none other than Amazon and Jeff Bezos, and you are well aware that there's been a public feud between Bezos and I, it's well publicized."

"Let me read what The Washington Post says and I'll give you the floor," said Camerota. "'Navarro's harsh manner and disregard for protocol had alienated numerous colleagues and Republicans. The White House counsel's office in 2018 investigated Navarro's behavior in response to repeated complaints and Navarro narrowly avoided losing his job, but the abuse has continued as the White House has grappled with the coronavirus, multiple White House officials have said.'"

"There's a lot of people in this swamp town that really are not on the Trump Train that really don't want to bring our jobs home from Asia," said Navarro. "They're the globalists who don't want to close our borders."

"The Washington Post said they had 28 sources in and around the White House," said Camerota. "Are your colleagues the deep state?"

"They're all anonymous," said Navarro. "If this were you, wouldn't you want the sources to say who they are? What is this anonymous source stuff? This is like — this is like nothing but character assassination. By the way, I had a better day yesterday than Nancy Pelosi. That was pretty funny."

"Just to be clear, so none of your colleagues — none of your female colleagues — you haven't addressed the female colleague part," said Camerota.

"You're not going to cross-examine me on the show," snapped Navarro. "Why am I here? What are your viewers wanting to hear? They want to hear from the Defense Production Act policy coordinator about how their lives are going to be better saved. How things are going to get better and you're wallowing in the Amazon mud. And that's fine. That's fine."

Watch below: