White House official nailed by CNN's Tapper about Trump's taxes after he whines Biden won't release his court picks
Jake tapper, Marc Short -- CNN screenshots

Attempting to defuse accusations of hypocrisy over the rush to replace Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff complained that former Vice President Joe Biden has yet to release nominees he would consider for the high court, only to have CNN's Jake Tapper confront him about Donald Trump's taxes.

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union," Marc Short tried to brush aside accusations that Republicans are hypocrites when it comes to voting on Supreme Court nominees in an election year when he stepped in it by attacking Biden.

"We still haven't seen a list from Joe Biden," Short told the CNN host. "We welcome a list from Joe Biden who would show the American people here's who I would appoint to the Supreme Court. But as far as the politics of it, I think the American people wanted Donald Trump to be in a position to make these nominations, and it's his obligation to do so."

"I would love to see a list from Joe Biden. I'd also love to see President Trump's tax returns," Tapper shot back.

"That's clever, Jake," Short sneered. "But the reality is we know that the president has gone through multiple financial disclosures that are more revealing than tax runs. He will continue to fill out those financial disclosures."

"I'm glad you think it's clever," the CNN host fired back. "But let's stick to this issue about Ginsburg and the Supreme Court vacancy. Do you want a vote before the election? Is that important to the president?"

"I think that, as you know, Justice Ginsburg was confirmed within 44 days of her nomination," Short replied. "Today we sit 44 days out from election, so it's certainly possible. But I think that the president's obligation is to make the nomination."

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