Wisconsin swing voters losing faith in Trump’s leadership: ‘I feel he just gave up’

Wisconsin swing voters are losing faith in President Donald Trump's leadership, but they're also making excuses for his failures.

Axios conducted a focus group with voters in Oshkosh, where they found only two in 10 party-flippers planned to vote for Joe Biden in November -- including one Barack Obama-to-Trump voter who no longer backs the president.

"He’s been trying so hard I feel, but nothing is working," said participant Kaycee W. "Everybody was fighting him every step of the way, so I feel he just gave up and isn’t trying as hard anymore."

The virtual Engagious/Schlessinger focus group of 10 swing voters was comprised of eight who had backed Trump in 2016 after voting for Obama in 2012, while the other two flipped from Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton.

Several had not watched either party's convention, but six of the 10 wrongly believed Biden wanted to defund the police, as multiple speakers had claimed during the Republican National Convention.

"Anybody who believes there's systemic racism is going to vote for Joe Biden," said Trump supporter Thomas B., "and he wants you to believe there's systemic racism."

Participants seemed to agree that racism was a problem in society, but they had grown tired of hearing about police brutality and other issues raised by Black Lives Matter protests.

"It’s unfair that African Americans seem to be more targeted [by police]," Dawn M., "but that’s all you hear about. You don’t hear about what happened before, to proceed to the shooting."

One participant said "all the rioting" and "civil unrest" had made him less confident in Trump's leadership, but he doesn't blame the president for his own failures.

"The minorities, yes, are going to have less income, less resources, less everything else, so yes it may hit them a little harder," said Steve V. "But they’re spinning it ... to make their numbers look like it’s only affecting them."