'You’re going with that weak argument here?': Chris Cuomo hands it to Ted Cruz in fiery clash
Chris Cuomo vs. Ted Cruz (Photo: Screen capture)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) came to CNN ready with allegations that President Donald Trump "broke you guys," instead of being willing to discuss actual policy issues.

CNN host Chris Cuomo wouldn't let him have it, accusing the Texas senator of a "weak-ass argument."

It devolved into a contentious clash as Cuomo poked Cruz for hypocrisy over the healthcare debate, in which Cruz just blocked the pre-existing conditions bill. The senator lamented that Democrats are filibustering everything and that they don't want to pass any bills.

"Have they read Green Eggs and Ham yet?" Cuomo mocked, recalling the time Cruz took to the Senate floor with a filibuster in which he read the Dr. Seuss book.

Cruz chastised him, asking if he wanted to talk about real issues, but Cuomo shot back that he was merely pointing out the hypocrisy when he saw it.

When Cuomo brought up Trump saying telling the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by," and refusing to denounce white supremacy, Cruz attacked former Vice President Joe Biden for speaking at Sen. Robert Byrd's funeral. Byrd was a member of the KKK until he was ultimately reformed, renounced the group and denounced racism. The late Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis even wrote about his life after his death.

The debate moved onto COVID-19 where Cruz attacked Cuomo's brother and it devolved into the two talking over each other from there.

See the debate below:

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