'Absolute farce': Trump White House bashed for declaring COVID-exposed Pence an 'essential worker' so he can campaign
Mike Pence, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Appearing on CNN early Sunday morning, an emergency room doctor from Michigan expressed disgust with the White House for labeling Vice President Mike Pence as an "essential worker" so he can continue to campaign for Donald Trump despite the vice president's office being rocked by a COVID-19 outbreak.

Following news the Pence Chief of Staff Marc Short and senior adviser Marty Obst among others in the Vice President's office have tested positive for novel coronavirus, the White House announced that the vice president would maintain his hectic schedule in the waning days before the election.

In order to excuse Pence's appearances which could help spread the virus, the White House designated Donald Trump's running mate as an "essential worker," which drew the ire of Dr. Rob Davidson who called it an "absolute farce."

Asked if Pence should remain on the road, Davidson replied, "He should not. According to CDC guidelines. he should be in quarantine for 14 days and the claim that he's an essential worker is an absolute farce."

"I'm an essential worker and the person at my grocery store is an essential worker" explained the emergency room doctor. "The vice president in his capacity as vice president is indeed an essential worker and he can still carry out his duties in quarantine. He's going around the country trying to convince the American people he should be re-elected and in that work, he's not an essential worker and is putting people at risk."

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