‘America is now ruled by a madman’: Keith Olbermann debuts new ‘Worst Person in the World’ video
Broadcaster Keith Olbermann (screengrab).

Veteran broadcaster Keith Olbermann blasted President Donald Trump on Wednesday in the debut episode of his new YouTube commentaries on the 2020 presidential election.

"Trump, COVID positive. Trump, we now know, not tested every day," Olbermann noted.

"Stephen Miller, COVID positive. The Joint Chiefs of Staff quarantined," he continued.

He described guidelines that staff should not get near Trump without wearing Personal Protective Equipment as a metaphor for our times.

"Don't get near Trump without protection," he said. "This advice would've been useful in 2015."

"It has long since stopped being political," he said. "Those who ignored this pandemic and the simple, almost comically simple measures to mitigate it are not conservatives or Republicans or fascists. They are selfish scum."

"And those who warned of this pandemic and acted to protect others are not liberals of Democrats, they are responsible human beings," he argued.

"Earth is now ruled by a virus and America is now ruled by a madman," he charged. "Spare me the thoughts and prayers."