White House finally admits Trump isn’t really tested daily for COVID-19 — as he previously stated
CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta (screengrab).

The White House was not being truthful with America when it claimed President Donald Trump was being tested daily for COVID-19, CNN reported Wednesday.

"We're following breaking news this hour. President Trump's reckless return to the Oval Office," CNN's Wolf Blitzer reported.

Blitzer interview CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

"Jim, the president once again showing complete disregard for the basic coronavirus guidelines put forward by the CDC as this outbreak inside the White House has continued," Blitzer noted.

"That's right, Wolf," Acosta replied. "He's been in the office -- Oval Office -- with a couple of top aides including chief of staff Mark Meadows."

"The White House continued to cloak the president's health in secrecy today. The president's doctor released a statement saying Mr. Trump feels great and is symptom-free, but top White House officials are giving conflicting answers on whether the president entered the Oval Office yesterday and CNN has learned the president was not being tested daily for the virus prior to his positive results last week," Acosta reported. "White House officials will only say he is tested regularly."