Amy Coney Barrett supporters shout 'law and order' as protesters are arrested outside confirmation hearing
U.S. Capitol Police officers arrest protesters at ouside Senate confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett (Marissa J. Lang/Twitter)

Fans of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett were heard shouting for "law and order" on Monday as activists protesting her confirmation hearings were arrested.

Demonstrators from both sides faced off outside the Dirksen Senate Building Monday morning moments before the kickoff of the first day of hearings.

Washington Post reporter Marissa J. Lang shared video of the protests.

"Protesters opposed to the confirmation of conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett are being arrested outside the Dirksen Senate Building as Barrett’s confirmation gets underway. About two dozen seem poised to be arrested by Capital Police," Lang explained.

As police arrested the demonstrators, Barrett supporters chanted: "Law and order!"

Watch the video clips below.