‘Annoying and condescending’ Ben Sasse ripped to shreds for ‘laughable’ defense of Amy Coney Barrett
Sen. Ben Sasse (MSNBC)

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) offered a sanctimonious defense of Amy Coney Barrett, and many observers were disgusted.

The Nebraska Republican claimed Democrats opposed President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court because she's a Catholic, and blurred the distinction between her deeply conservative sect and mainstream Christianity.

"This committee isn't in the business of deciding whether the dogma lives too loudly within someone," Sasse said. "This committee isn't in the business of deciding which religious beliefs are good and which religious beliefs are bad and which religious beliefs are weird. I just want to say, as somebody who is self-consciously a Christian, we have a whole bunch more really weird beliefs -- forgiveness of sins, the virgin birth, resurrection from the death, eternal life. There are a whole bunch of really, really crazy ideas that are a lot weirder than some Catholic moms giving each other advice about parenting."

The senator's statements outraged and frustrated many watching the confirmation hearings.