'Anxiety through the roof' at White House after COVID-wracked Trump's return: MSNBC guest
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC on Tuesday morning, PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor told host Stephanie Ruhle that a pall has settled over the White House with the return for Donald Trump from Walter Reed Medical Center, saying staffers fear they are next in line to be infected by the coronavirus that led to the president to be hospitalized.

With the obviously still ill Trump returning to the Oval Office, Alcindorr said that anxiety levels among aides has gone "through the roof."

"With that least 14 people in his [Trump's] inner circle who have been infected, has anyone raised their hand and said I'm not comfortable going back to work?" Ruhle asked.

"There are definitely people working from home that were not working from home before this," Alcindor replied. "And the level of anxiety is through the roof when you talk to White House officials, White House aides."

"I think the thing we have to explain to people is, of course, there are essential workers the president sees as critical to being around him. -- Chief of Staff Mark Meadows being one of them," she elaborated. "There are a host of other junior members thinking about the deputies of the White House press secretary who are really just doing what their bosses do, which is if your boss doesn't wear a mask, you don't feel comfortable wearing a mask."

"So when you got exposed. there was a culture that exposed people and put people at risk and now people are lining up to get tested, lining up to figure out what to do next and people very worried this contact tracing the White House says it's doing, they're not actually doing it in a thorough way," she continued. "In fact, there are not a lot of people who have been at these events who say I've not been contacted."

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