Bar owner who hosted Donald Trump Jr is now in ICU with COVID — and wants to punch the president
Donald Trump, Jr. speaking with supporters of President of the United States Donald Trump at a "Keep America Great" rally at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Wisconsin bar owner Mark Schultz, 64, is in the ICU with COVID-19 after hosting Donald Trump, Jr. at his establishment last March.

"I don’t worry much about me, but I got a 10-year-old son and my fiancée — that’s all I care about," he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via phone in between coughing and struggles with shortened breath. "My family is all at home. They are all worried about me. I don’t want them to worry about me... I don’t want them to go through this. I hope I get to go home."

Schultz's bar, Oblio's, used to be a place free of politics, but not anymore.

"I just want to punch him," Schultz said of President Donald J. Trump. "I always had to keep my politics to myself, but from where I'm sitting now? Those days are over. I shouldn't be here."

Schultz said he believes Trump should have been more upfront with the public from the beginning about the dangers of the virus that has now killed 215,000 people and climbing.

Schultz recalled feeling sick on the same day Trump checked into Walter Reed Medical Center. The president's nonchalant attitude was wearing thin on Schultz.

"I’m just frustrated with the president — the non-chalantness of this virus," he said. "They should be afraid. It's nothing to mess with... I just can't sleep. If you can't breathe, you can't sleep."

Schultz has been keeping a video diary on YouTube called "Ramblings of a pissed off Armenian."

Watch his latest video post below.