Black teen forced to change schools after classmate’s racist rant ignored by teacher
Black teen girl covers her ears (Shutterstock)

A Florida girl was forced to change schools after a classmate unleashed a racist rant online and her teacher did nothing about it.

The Black freshman at Miami Senior High School said her teacher offered little support when a white classmate repeatedly hurled racist venom at her in a Zoom virtual classroom, reported WSVN-TV.

“Kept on seeing something pop up on the Zoom, so I look, and then, it’s like N-word — hard R — in all caps,” said the teen, identified as Jasmine. “Then, I click on the chat, I open it and then it’s, like, spammed all through, and then it’s, like, ‘Unmute me, ugly B-word.’”

The 14-year-old was the only Black student in the Sept. 24 law class, and she took a photo of the exchange to show her mother -- who went to the principal because the teacher never contacted her.

“I was shocked, said the girl's mother, Nicole Crooks, who was also disappointed in the principal's reaction. “The way that he came out and spoke to me was rude, to say the least. Not once did he ask my daughter if she was okay, not once did he ask how she was feeling. Not once did they say, ‘You know what? That is not acceptable behavior here.’”

The family said school officials told them the other student was disciplined, but they were so frustrated by the experience that Jasmine changed schools.

“It’s being swept up underneath the rug,” Crooks said. “It’s not being addressed the way that it needs to.”

The family hired an attorney and asked the school to release a recording of the Zoom meeting, and they're asking the school to change its policies on in-class racism.

“We need to see some change, and we need to see some change in that school in particular," said attorney Ariel Lett, "and I think within the entire administration and the Miami-Dade school district."