'Blacks for Trump' founder linked to murderous cult
Michael Symonette, owner of "Blacks for Trump 2020" site and ex Yahweh ben Yahweh cult (image via Twitter).

President Donald Trump's campaign is highlighting an anti-Semitic supporter who once joined a violent cult and currently posts racist conspiracy theories online.

“Blacks for Trump” founder Maurice Symonette has been a featured audience member at Trump campaign events since 2016, and as recently as last week, reported The Intercept.

Symonette, who's known as Michael the Black Man, makes outlandish claims on his website and on YouTube about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), President Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee and Colin Kaepernick.

They are “DECEVING [sic] FAKE BLACK PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY INDIANS!” Symonette posted on his website, and claimed in a now-deleted YouTube sermon that the Senate is controlled by a secret underground of “Cherokee Mormons.”

Symonette and one of his followers were seated behind the president twice in five days last week at televised rallies, wearing "Blacks for Trump" T-shirts.

He linked up with the Miami-based Nation of Yahweh cult led by Yahweh ben Yahweh, who was jailed in 1992 for leading a conspiracy to murder 14 white people in initiation rites into the Black separatist group.

Symonette, who was known as Maurice Woodside at the time, was acquitted on charges related to two murders related to the conspiracy, and took his father's surname afterward.

He later became known as a pirate radio preacher who delivered fiery sermons against LGTB people and Democrats, and has tried to use political rallies to spread his message for years before showing up at Trump events.

He disrupted an Obama speech in 2008, and he appeared onstage -- under the name Michael Warns -- as the lead singer of a band that warmed up a rally crowd for Rick Santorum in 2012.

Symonette has been a constant presence at Trump rallies since the final days of the 2016 campaign, and was invited to his Election Night victory party at the New York Hilton.

His online posts suggest he still follows the teachings of ben Yaweh, who died in 2007, and has asked the president to pardon the former cult leader -- who he said had predicted Trump's rise.

“I Michael can teach & give the World & Pres. Trump the Conquerer of Pharaoh the gift from YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH which is the true cure for Corona,” Symonette posted on his Facebook page in July.