‘Cancel the show’: Trump mocked for losing ratings matchup against Biden
(AFP / Olivier DOULIERY)

The ratings are in for President Donald Trump's head-to-head TV matchup against Joe Biden, and he lost.

The president reportedly hoped to score more viewers than Biden by scheduling a town hall on NBC at the same time the former vice president held one of his own on ABC, but TV ratings show nearly a million more viewers watched the Democratic challenger.

"Joe Biden's town hall on ABC averaged 13.9 million viewers on Thursday night, easily surpassing the Nielsen ratings for President Trump's town hall on NBC," reported CNN's Brian Stelter. "That alone was a result virtually no one in the TV business expected. And that's not even the most surprising part.

"The Trump town hall was simulcast by two of NBC's cable channels, MSNBC and CNBC, but even when those channels are included in the total, Biden -- on only one network -- still prevailed," Stelter added.

Social media users gloated about Biden's ratings victory and hoped it signaled an election win coming next month.