CNN's Cuomo shreds Trump for 'propaganda' stunt at the White House trying to pretend he's recovered
Image via screengrab.

On CNN Monday, Chris Cuomo tore into President Donald Trump for his staged return to the White House after days at Walter Reed — even as he is still visibly ill from COVID-19.

"He didn't just walk in the White House one time with no mask tonight," said Cuomo, himself a survivor of the virus. "He had his video crew capture that stupid scene again so he could put out propaganda. Fronting a lie to his people. Once again. Just like don't worry about the mask. Now he said don't worry about COVID. Don't let it control your life. Just propaganda. That's all it is. I know there's sound to it. I will not play it for you. Why should I? How much bullsh*t do you need in your life?"

"'Don't let COVID control your life,'" said Cuomo. "Nobody wants it to control their life. A hospital suite and 48 hour care and experimental drugs and all the best of everything all the time. And I'm not saying he shouldn't have it. I'm saying you should. Isn't that his damn job, is to kill himself — you know, he 'loves to work.' Then do the work! A leader would go and do everything that you are not supposed to do and force people in places where they can get sick? 'We've never had anybody get sick.' Yeah, tell it to the people in the Rose Garden, the only place we can reasonably contact trace. Who knows who was at his rallies."

"Don't be afraid of COVID?" raged Cuomo. "10,000 have died in the last 13 days. Don't be afraid of COVID. It took down the most powerful person in the world, and he went to the hospital. His recklessness makes it impossible to be sympathetic!"

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