CNN’s Jake Tapper corners Trump campaign strategist over attack on MSNBC’s Chris Hayes
Marc Lotter on Fox News (screengrab)

The director of strategic communications for the president's 2020 re-election campaign was cornered by CNN's Jake Tapper late Friday evening.

It all started with MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

On his MSNBC show, Hayes on Friday gave voice to a topic of widespread speculation: Why is the White House refusing to say when President Donald Trump last tested negative before he contracted COVID-19.

That information could be key to the contact tracing efforts going on in multiple states following the coronavirus "super-spreader" White House event for Amy Coney Barrett.

Hayes deduced what many have been thinking.

“The only reasonable conclusion to draw is that the president did not actually test negative before he got in a room with former Vice President Joe Biden, for last week's debate," said the host of "All in with Chris Hayes."

Trump campaign strategist Marc Lotter lashed out at Hayes for the segment.

"The only 'reasonable conclusion' is you FAILED Journalism 101 because your job is to report facts - not your opinion," Lotter claimed, falsely describing the job of a cable news host.

CNN's Jake Tapper ended the conversation with one question.

Lotter did not reply within 30 minutes of Tapper asking the question.