Comedian sets internet ablaze with viral parody of Trump’s cultish and freezing fans
Blaire Erskine (Image via Twitter).

On Wednesday, comedian Blaire Erskine posted a parody video to Twitter, with herself playing a Trump supporter stoically braving freezing weather to see the president.

Trump has come under fire for his rally in Omaha, Nebraska, for leaving elderly supporters in cold and unhealthy conditions.

"I'm having a great time," said Erskine. "I can't feel my body, but I don't really need my body. This is about Trump's body."

"I think this whole thing's been blown way out of proportion," Erskine continued. "Yeah, they didn't let us drive our cars here. But it's because they said, you know, our cars are poor, and that doesn't look good on TV. You know, you're a TV person, you know that. I think he did this to teach us a lesson. I really do. What's that lesson? Well, that's not really for me to know, and that's actually pretty nasty of you to ask."

"Democrats want to have their bus rides, and have their bus rides back too," Erskine added scornfully. "This isn't the Polar Express! Tom Hanks isn't in charge of this thing, he's in Greece being a pedophile."

"No, I don't think [Trump] abandoned us," she added. "Yes, I've seen some elderly people passed out and unresponsive, but to be honest, the only reason there's so many of those people is because the media keeps counting them. And so if people like you guys weren't counting the old people that were on the ground, there wouldn't be as many."

Watch below: