'Donald Trump is out of money': CNN reporter says the president enters final week desperate for cash
Donald Trump at the final 2020 presidential debate (screengrab).

President Donald Trump is holding multiple campaign rallies a day heading into the final week of the 2020 race for one simple reason: His campaign doesn't have enough money to beat Democrat Joe Biden on the TV airwaves.

CNN reporter Nia-Malika Henderson on Monday said that Trump's strategy at the moment is to get as much free media as he can by holding big rallies in swing states, even as those rallies are almost certainly worsening the spread of the novel coronavirus.

"Let's also be very aware of the fact that Donald Trump is out of money in many ways," she said. "And one of the reasons he's going to these places... and holding all of these rallies is because it gets him local press coverage. Whereas you have Biden, who is blasting the airwaves."

She questioned, however, whether these rallies would get the kinds of headlines he wants given that the United States recorded a record high in new COVID-19 infections over the weekend.

"I think it goes against not only science, but what most Americans want to see, these big rallies with people outdoors and not wearing any masks and not social distancing either," she said. "But I also think it reflects the desperation of this president not only in terms of the money, but where he is in the polls."

Watch the video below.