Florida Trump supporters wary of getting close to Pence during upcoming visit: report

President Donald Trump's infection with the novel coronavirus has shocked some of his supporters in Florida's largest retirement community into taking the disease seriously.

The Daily Beast reports that the president's infection has sent shockwaves through the Villages, a pro-Trump stronghold where Vice President Mike Pence is planning to visit this weekend.

John Calandro, who recently served as president of the Sumter County Republican Executive Committee, tells The Daily Beast that many Trump supporters in The Villages are going to be much more cautious about the vice president's visit than they would have been just weeks ago, especially since so many White House staffers have come down with the disease.

"I know things will be fairly socially distant," he said of Pence's upcoming visit. "I certainly don't think any of us will get real close to him."

Chris Stanley, president of The Villages Democratic Club, said he was surprised to see that a recent pro-Trump prayer vigil organized in his neighborhood told attendees that they must wear face masks.

"The virus was a hoax here until Trump got it," he said. "They now seem to be accepting this is not a Democrat hoax at all."