Former Donald Trump staffer says conservative media ‘brainwashed’ her into hating Democrats
Former Trump campaign official Jessica Denson (Screen cap).

On CNN Wednesday, Jessica Denson, the former coordinator of the Trump 2016 campaign's Hispanic outreach who starred in a recent ad for Joe Biden, opened up about how she was taken in by the Trump campaign — and why he must be defeated.

"My motive to go and help that campaign and be of service to the American people was sabotaged, and I've seen my experience repeated in the experience of one public servant after another over the past four years," said Denson, who spearheaded a lawsuit to free former Trump campaign officials from nondisclosure agreements. "I have seen that this campaign continues to go out brandishing a Bible and an American flag and claiming that they have anything to do with freedom, but I've lived first-hand that they have nothing to do with freedom. They have worked very much against free speech and democracy."

"Let me ask you a question," said anchor Jake Tapper. "You went to work for President Trump, or candidate Trump, in 2016, doing Hispanic outreach. He launched his campaign casting aspersions on the kind of people crossing the border in Mexico, saying that they were rapists and drug dealers, and some, I'm sure, are good people, which offended a lot of Latinos and a lot of other people. So I'm sure a lot of people in the Latino community said, you must have known what you were getting in to you went to work for him. What did you tell them?"

"I tell them it's a fair perspective," said Denson. "But I spent the better part of eight years watching conservative media, being brainwashed into thinking the Democrats were really dangerous and were going to take away our freedoms, which I don't believe anymore. I understand how deeply mesmerized I was into that false narrative. And I thought that Donald Trump was going to be a fighter for the American people. So I kind of put the best construction on everything he said and — father forgive me — believed him in his con, that he was going to put his own interest aside and be a public servant for this country."

"Donald Trump talked a lot in 2016 about the dignity of work," added Denson. "I, as a woman, and just in general as someone who came to that campaign with a spirit of service, have never experienced greater indignity or disrespect in my life, and I hope the American people understand this message. I hope they understand when Donald Trump plays the victim, he is not the victim. He is only a victim of his own deceit. And if you want salvation for this country and redemption even for Donald Trump, he needs accountability like water in the desert and I hope that you will give that to him."

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