Former military doctors: Trump's leadership on COVID-19 is 'ineffective and contrary to our values'
President Donald Trump. (Photo: Screengrab)

On Wednesday, writing for USA TODAY, Dr. Dean Taylor, a retired Army colonel, surgeon, and West Point graduate who represents Service Academy Physicians for Biden, penned an op-ed urging his fellow service doctors to reject President Donald Trump.

"As physicians, we see extraordinary challenges," wrote Taylor. "We share firsthand the pain of our patients’ families who mourn avoidable deaths. We treat the acutely ill and the chronic sufferers of COVID-19. We daily face mental health challenges, both our own and those of our patients, made worse by the ongoing assault on health care options for those in the greatest need. Indeed, this population bears the greatest burden of the coronavirus and has the least access to affordable health care in our country."

"As leaders from the service academies who have served our country, we see ineffective leadership contrary to our values of integrity, honor and selfless service," wrote Taylor. "We recognize the confusion that results from reliance on partisan opinion above impartial science and on baseless conjecture above the informed experience of health care experts."

"We ardently encourage all of you as citizens of the United States of America to vote, and to vote for Joe Biden for the health, security and future of our entire country," concluded Taylor.

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